3 Game-Changing Kombucha Mocktails For Your Healthy Football Party

The Big Game Sunday: a day of full of guacamole, hard-nosed football, viral commercials, and of course – delicious beverages. But how do you get your drink on whilst sticking to those healthy New Year’s Resolutions? The answer: Blue Ridge Bucha kombucha mocktails!

We’ve partnered with three of our local account partners to dish out some healthy kombucha mocktail recipe #inspo for your final football Sunday of the 2018 season. Enjoy all of the tastes of creative libations, without the alcohol!

Ellwood Thompson’s – Richmond, VA
Jordan Douglas, Health Coach


Bitter Bucha Mule


  • 1 large handful mint

  • Juice of 1 lime

  • 2-3 dropperfuls bitters (about 1/2 teaspoon (we recommend Urban Moonshine Citrus or Original)

  • 1 teaspoon ginger syrup

  • 10oz Blue Ridge Bucha Original Ginger kombucha

  • 8oz sparkling water (we recommend Mountain Valley, or make your own at home)

Muddle together the mint, lime juice, bitters and ginger syrup. Add the kombucha and sparkling water and swirl gently to combine. Pour into two glasses. Serve over ice with a lime wedge, and garnish extra mint or candied ginger if desired. 

Millie’s Living Café, Health Nut Nutrition – Lynchburg, VA
Blair Dawson - Manager

Millie's Cafe_1_500x700.jpg

Bluegrass Mocktail


  • 8 oz Blue Ridge Bucha Bluegrass Bucha

  • Fresh Pressed from Juicer:

    • 4-6 Chunks of Pineapple 

    • 1/4 Lemon

    • 2" Ginger

Combine 8oz of Blue Ridge Bucha Bluegrass Bucha with 2 TBS of fresh pressed juice mix. The pineapple and ginger juice are rich in antioxidants, while the cascade hop aromas from the kombucha will delight your senses!

BRUNCH – Richmond, VA
Jaclyn Beasley, General Manager


Cranberry Harvest


  • 1 oz Cranberry Grenadine (Add all ingredients to a sauce pot. Turn heat to medium/high. Once the cranberries "pop", the syrup is ready. Strain through a mesh sieve to remove solids and seeds. Allow syrup to cool before use.)

    • 8oz cranberries

    • 1 quart water

    • Whole allspice

    • Peels from 1 orange (avoid pith)

    • 3 cups white sugar

  • .5 oz Local Spicy Maple Syrup

  • 1.25 oz Lemon Juice

  • 4 oz Blue Ridge Bucha Original Ginger

  • Crushed ice

Combine all ingredients in desired glass. Add ice and swizzle with a bar spoon. Top with more ice and finish with a fresh mint sprig. 

We hope you have fun making these artisanal mocktails – make sure to share your concoctions with us on Instagram: @blueridgebucha