Delicious organic kombucha, crafted by hand and shared sustainably

In 2010, husband-and-wife team Ethan and Kate Zuckerman founded a company with a mission: to make delicious local kombucha in a refillable bottle. More than seven years later, this commitment has saved 1,000,001 bottles...and counting.

Ethan and his team are still handcrafting our kombucha in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. They are brewing with the same culture that he began working with over a decade ago, using Certified Organic ingredients to create refreshing and unique flavors.

Choose delicious local kombucha in a refillable bottle and take a step for the health of your body and your planet. We think you’ll appreciate our efforts to bring you the best tasting and most earth friendly kombucha around.

Are brewery tours or tastings available?

We currently offer tastings, growler fills, and glasses of kombucha to be enjoyed in the taproom and outside patio.  Tours of the taproom are not available at this time.

How can I buy Blue Ridge Bucha?

As a conscious kombucha drinker, you can bring in your own bottles or purchase one of our high quality refillable bottles to fill with any of our delicious flavors at various locations. This is similar to using your own bags to carry groceries or your own containers to fill up on bulk items. The way we deliver the kombucha and the way you buy it generate no waste.

In what other ways is Blue Ridge Bucha a sustainable business?

Our mid-term vision is a solar powered brewery run off a Tesla battery. Stay tuned for more on that! In the meantime, though, we actively look for ways to reduce our footprint. For starters, we screenprint our bottles locally, use reclaimed wood to make our tap handles, and compost our brewery waste to grow our gardens. We are committed to a local distribution model and work with a local delivery company that delivers a number of products with each delivery run in order to keep our carbon footprint extremely low. We're always looking for more ways to reduce our impact, and welcome your suggestions in this respect.

Is Blue Ridge Bucha Organic?

Yes! We have passed rigorous standards to be considered legally "Certified Organic." The USDA seal our kombucha bears ensures third party verification throughout our brewing process. We take the greatest care to bring you a kombucha that is clean and healthful for you, the people who harvest our ingredients, and the environment. Our kombucha is also vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.